Frequently Asked Questions
How do I book a session?
Simply contact me using the form on this website. Please let me know what type of session you are looking to book, and tell me everything you can about your dog, so we can plan something that would suit them. Once we have determined the location and date for your session, I will send you a link with my photography contract and a link to pay your session fee.
Where do adventure sessions take place?
The beauty of these sessions is that they are private, and everything is done to suit you and your dog. We can take an afternoon hike up to a waterfall, explore a beach at sunset, or hike the private trails on your own farm. Depending on the season, the weather, and what your dog loves doing, we will choose an appropriate location to bring out their very best! I am happy to travel anywhere for the perfect picture.
What should we bring to our session?
For any kind of photography session, please bring your dog’s favorite treats and any toys they love. Feel free to provide any props you may like. For adventure sessions, bring a bowl and some water for you and your dog to drink. If they are likely to go for a swim, make sure you pack a towel too! Make sure you’re in comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet.
What training does my dog need?
If your dog can “stay” when asked, that is extremely helpful, so you can move 4 to 6 feet away from your dog and have them hold position. It’s not a requirement, however - a long line can also offer an excellent way to create enough distance, or enable wonderful action shots of them running or jumping. A “sit” or “down” also makes my life quite a bit easier, but again, is not a requirement.
What happens if the weather is awful?
Trust me when I say this – some of the best photos I have ever taken were on overcast, rainy, or windy days. However, if the weather is going to make your dog uncomfortable, or might be dangerous for whatever reason, let’s reschedule. I will be in touch to confirm our session the day before, or reschedule if there are any issues.
My dog is fearful or reactive. Can we still book a session?
I want every dog to be comfortable in front of my camera. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, we can meet at your property, or book a private Sniffspot for our session. If your dog is fearful of men but can be photographed by someone 20 feet (6 meters) away, all I ask is that you make me aware of this before our session so I can bring the correct equipment for it, that you keep your dog on a 6 foot least at all times, and that you have some truly excellent treats to reward them for their bravery.
My dog can't be off leash. Is that a problem?
Not at all! Off leash hiking is not allowed in many locations anyway. I am able to digitally remove thin collars and leashes when I edit photos. Get in touch if you need recommendations for gear you may wish to have on your dog if you would like an “au naturel” look for your dog in nature.
We had an awesome session. What happens next?
After our session, I’ll send you a link to an online gallery where you can select your favorite images for editing. At this point, pick photos based on your dog’s expression, pose, and emotion. What speaks to you and which ones best represent their personality? Then, I will get to work on really making them shine! I will usually deliver your digital high-resolution images within 14 days. Once the final edits are finished, you are welcome to order as many as you like in print. Prints are produced in collaboration with external suppliers, and so delivery timelines may vary.
You captured a stunning image of my dog at an event. How can I get it?
If you would like to purchase a digital file of that photo, please visit the “Client Portal” on this website, click through to the relevant event, and select the image to purchase it. A download will be made available to you through the website once we have processed your payment. If you would like the image as a print, fast prints are available to purchase through the website. For a gallery grade, fine art print, please email me.

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